Monday, March 3, 2014

Cold Doesn't Stop Us

Even though it is bitterly cold outside, the 1st graders have been keeping it warm enough inside to grow lettuce.

The first grade students planted Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce seeds on January 14 and 15. During this planting lesson, they learned the importance of soil moisture. They felt the soil to make sure it was moist enough for the lettuce seeds to grow. 

Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce has a 7-14 day germination. However, most of the lettuce sprouted within 5 days! Two class plantings did not sprout as soon. The students learned that gardening and planting does not always go the way as planned and there may be challenges along the way.

Students and teachers were responsible for watering the plants on Friday. Other staff checked on it during the week. Regardless, every time the students saw someone watering the plants, they were curious how their class’s lettuce was doing and when they could eat it!

The time has come, 49 days later, to taste the lettuce. Students will pick their 3 leaves of lettuce and try the green flavor without any additional dressing. The process will have come full circle:  Plant, Grow, Taste!

Congratulations 1st graders on being successful gardeners!

Special thanks to the teachers and North Country Master Gardeners Chris Weyh & Nancy Reis for their help maintaining and caring for the lettuce!