Friday, June 29, 2007

Our first harvest

Today was a great day in the garden!

It's been 2 weeks since our students met together. Many were amazed at how much had changed. A mailbox is now in place inside the fence to hold the watering journal and the cultivators for weeding. Families have been taking a turn watering and even one of our STEP volunteers stopped by the school, saw the garden needed a drink and figured out how to make the faucets work -- thanks, Gary!

Visitors to the garden today include one big sister and her friend who stayed and helped with the work. Thanks, girls! While thinning the radish plants kids discovered that many of the radishes were ready to be eaten. Pretty soon everyone had radishes and were munching on our first harvest.

Kids found at least 5 different kinds of weeds and noted them in their journal along with a sketch. There was a lot of weeding to do, but with the help of our 7 adult volunteers, we had the beds looking good in no time. Our AmeriCorps volunteer had the kids do a role-play activity from which was designed to help kids learn about hunger in our community.

The tomatoes are looking good with flowers on most of the plants. Students helped with the drilling and hammering to make collapsable "ladders" to support the plants as they grow.

There is
good growth in one bed of
cabbages, but something is eating the other cabbage plants. Here is a photo of the leaves with lots of holes in them. Click on the photo to see it up close. The only insects our students found this week were ants.

What do YOU think is eating this plant?

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