Thursday, August 30, 2007

Final Harvest of the Summer Season Sets a Record!

Where has the summer gone? Today is our last day in the garden. Mrs. P. has participation certificates to hand out to the students who have come over the summer and appreciation certificates for the adults that have been so willing to volunteer.

The weather is beautiful today and everywhere we look there are vegetables in the beds ready for harvesting.

While we're waiting for kids, Mrs. W. and Ms. R. get busy taking off diseased leaves from the tomato plants. It’s hard to see the yellow tomatoes with so many yellow leaves. “They get that way this time of year”, advises Mrs. W.

Mrs. P. is taking photographs and making journal entries.

One of our cabbages has been attacked. But, “no”, “that’s the weather”, said Mrs. W. “It split because it was ready, we should have cut it last time.” So, we cut it now and throw it into the compost pile. Mrs. W. says that 4 to 6 new little cabbages will grow up where we cut off the old one. Won’t that be fun to see?

We have a record harvest collecting:

  • 11 radishes
  • 10 Giant Marconi peppers
  • 37 Chinese giant bell peppers
  • 2 turnips
  • 65 pear tomatoes
  • 9 red tomatoes
  • 16 carrots (mostly from thinning)
  • 10 cucumbers
  • 1 split cabbage head &
  • 1 good cabbage head

This harvest weighed 27¾ pounds all together. Of this amount 26# was usable, with only 1¾ pounds of spoiled or diseased product.

It’s been a fun summer working in the garden. Mrs. W, Ms. R. and Mrs. P. really missed the students today and felt bad that no one was able to come and enjoy this fabulous harvest with us, but we know we’ll all be back in school together soon.

There will still be some more harvesting to come. The carrots are looking good and so is the broccoli. Our newly planted beans have flowers on them, so if the frost holds off we should have beans also.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mid-August Harvest

This week we had more adult volunteers than students in the garden. Summer is in full gear and families are taking advantage of vacation time. We hope everyone is enjoying their last days of summer. As we gathered in the garden it was a record hot day, over 90 degrees with NO wind.
Thanks to everyone who came to help.

Observations & activities:
Cucumbers are coming along nicely.
  • Mr. P. found calcium deficiency in some of our peppers and tomatoes. "Blossom-end rot".
  • Next year we will add some lime to our soil, but will "live with it, for now". Just slice off the bottom and go ahead and eat the rest of it, advised our master gardeners.
  • Mrs. W. has been coming to remove the caterpillars from the cabbages.

  • We saw a white sulfa butterfly, the likely culprit whose caterpillars are making the holes in our cabbage plants.
  • RJ asked, "are those eggs?" Mrs. W. said, "No RJ, those are droppings. So, we know the critters are in there."
  • We found an unknown "worm", and two of the green cabbage lupers.
  • RJ emptied half a shaker of chili powder on the cabbage leaves.
  • 3 beds of carrots were thinned out.
  • Alison noted "one of the things about the garden is you get to eat food".
  • We cut open and tasted the green pepper with the blossom end rot.
  • A skink found a home in the pepper bed. Mr. L. said "don't grab him by the tail".

Today's harvest--we brought a scale and weighed our harvest:

21 Bell Peppers: (our 1st picking )
16 Giant marconi peppers
8 -1/2 total pounds of peppers

Pear tomatoes: (our 1st picking)
4 -3/4 total pounds of turnips, radishes, tomatoes & the thinned carrots