Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dreams of a School Garden

Welcome to the Helping Hands Garden Project Blog!

Plans for this garden began several years ago when local Master Gardeners dreamed of establishing a garden somewhere on school property to enable kids to learn about the benefits of gardening and where their food comes from.

As the discussions were underway with administration, long before the site was chosen, the Master Gardeners came to the elementary school to teach gardening to the 4-H afterschool students.

This went on for two years. Finally this school year (2006-2007) the district has an AmeriCorps member in need of a service learning project. She has been pivotal in assisting with the afterschool programming and will take the lead to organize and develop the site for the eventual school garden.

As you will see in the coming posts the vision has become a reality. Enjoy the journey. We are reaping the rewards of the seeds that a handful of committed gardeners and Jody have sown.